Monday, August 23, 2010

Well before the last few days I may have known why I was going CSE. Now I have doubts. I have transferred in from Community College. I take the shuttle into ASU each day.
Well it seems I may be living on campus now.
I always thought of CSE as more of they lock you in a room and slip pizza under the door to feed you. Nope four of my classes have group projects worth up to 40% of the grade. Now of course being new to ASU even though somewhere between a freshman and junior I feel out of touch already. Some already know others in the classes and most likely have teams picked out before the classes started.
I guess I had thought or more going information assurance and CSE with some telecom and becoming self employed at the end even if not highly paid. Some nice little niche to get away from the corporate grind. Now I hope to make it through the next weeks. It feels now as if my niche will not fit in. I need to go to the Intel, Microsoft, and Google dream of teamwork.
I know mostly rant on my first post. ;) Maybe things will look better by Friday.
just seems I will have to rethink if what I was looking for actually fits in.

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