Friday, August 20, 2010

[ASU101] Blog Introductions (Response on blog required)


 Each of you should "comment" on the following blog message and write your introductions 

1. Your name
2. Why you chose CS or Computer Systems major
3. What ares of CS/Computer systems seem to be of particular interest to you right now
4. Something interesting about yourself


ps: This message is going both as an email to you and will be archived on the blog. Your responses have to be entered on the blog. 


  1. 1. Ivan Montiel
    2. I chose CS because I enjoy programming and working with computers.
    3. Human interaction with computers is very interesting to me. Example:
    4. I play guitar, piano, drum set, and violin.

  2. 1. My name is Regino Flores.
    2. I chose CS because I love being around technology. I tend to stick with video games a lot more when it comes down to the technological world.
    3. I want to be able to make my own game whenever I feel like it. I want to be able to work with the production of video games someday.
    4. I had an internship with a professor here at ASU that dealt with programming an Arduino. I also had an internship with the Arizona Science Center that included learning about the integration of science and journalism.

  3. Hey Regino Flores, have you checked out: ? It's a graphics engine for C++ (I believe they have wrappers for other languages). I currently code my game using the engine.

  4. 1. Michael Wenz
    2. I chose Computer Science because I have grown up around computers and learned to love what they can offer. I just wish I can help to create something that will enable others to do the same, and well, I don't think I would do very well as an English major.
    3. Even though games haven't really dominated my life or anything crazy like that, they still captivate me because it lets me engulf myself in another world.
    4. I plan to be getting a hair cut this weekend, possibly.

  5. My name is Nicolas Fox. I originally got interested in programming due to video games, but have recently focused more intently on robotics and artificial intelligence. I currently work as a software developer at a credit card company, but also enjoy writing my own programs on the side.

  6. My name is Michelle Hernandez. The reason that I decided to go with a CS major is because I have worked in the field and wanted to learn more in depth about it. The areas that interest me in are security and the network side of the house. I am from California and love to cook on my free time.

  7. My name is Damion White. I decided to take computer science as a major because computers have been a part of my everyday life for many years now and it's something I've always been interested in getting into and working on. I would like to create the next great program that people use everyday. I am really interested in becoming a software engineer. I play tennis in my off time and I know how to ride a segway.

  8. 1. Brandon Mutchek
    2. I chose to be a CS major because of how often people use computers in their everyday lives as well as the fact that I used to play video games quite a lot in my free time.
    3. The ares that interested me most was the security aspect
    4. I love playing soccer and I have played it for 16 years.

  9. 1. Martin Colmenero
    2. I chose a CS major because I love to work with computers and i hope to invent something that will help the world progress and become more efficient.
    3. Something that interest me right now is the programming part of everything.
    4. I love playing basketball and cooking.

  10. 1. Greg Kozicki
    2. I choose CS because I took the class in High School and enjoyed it.
    3. the parts that interest me the most is security.
    4. I am a big cubs fan and love to play football and baseball.

  11. 1. My name is Valdrin Asllani but my friends call me Drini
    2. I chose CS because i am fascinated by computers and i spend alot of time on my laptop so the decision came naturally
    3. I am really interested in security
    4. I spend my summers backpacking around Europe and i have relatives in 10 different countries

  12. Update on something interesting about me.
    I did end up getting a hair cut.

  13. 1. My name is Genesis Novoa.
    2. I am currently in CSE but I am planning to change over to CS because I am mainly interested in software not hardware part but I choose CSE because I enjoy working with computers.
    3. My interest area is security.
    4. Before choosing CSE I was planning to go into meteorology because I love everything that has to do with hurricanes, tornadoes and storms but I decided not to because I may go back to my hometown and I figured out that I wasn’t going to be able to find a job in meteorology there.

  14. 1. My name is Lauren Griffith
    2. I choose CSE because I have an interest with working with computers and with computers and technology are a huge part of our everyday world I hope to develop something that can improve a person life.
    3. I am not really sure what I my main interest is at this point.
    4. The color of my eyes occasionally change.

  15. 1. Greg Puett
    2. I choose Computer Science because through highschool, i wasnt really the kind of guy who would go to parties and such, i would stay home and do random stuff on my computer, video games mostly, but after taking a programming class i managed to start to build various programs.
    3. Im really interested in artificial intelligence and how that is even possible.
    4. Im a pretty normal guy, except for the fact that most guys dont spend as much time on their computers as i do...

  16. Colby West
    I chose CSE because I like working with computers, and fixing peoples problems on their computers.
    The area that interests me most about CSE is the software.
    I like watching all sports and i play golf.

  17. 1. Dylan Slater Brabec

    2. I am good with computers and I have always enjoyed working with them. I just kinda always knew i wanted to be in computer science.

    3. Security and future fields

    4. I have a state title in tennis and I have been to Japan twice


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