Friday, October 22, 2010

*Required*: Acquired Wisdom Assignment (to be completed on the Blog)


 Here is the last *required* assignment for ASU101. Please enter your answer to the following question
as a comment on the blog:

  List 5 things (pieces of advice and/or technical ideas) that you took away from this course


Your answers will be a sort of the interactive summary of what actually happened in this class (and will be linked as 
"acquired wisdom" from the class page).


ps: There will be another mail from me with a set of blog questions on the intelligent agents. That one is not required but
recommended (like all the other blog questions were). 


  1. 1. Computer science is alot more in-depth than simply programming.

    2. Every day, computer scientists are trying to not just solve problems with video games and stuff, but with things like actual mathmatical proofs, and other complex things that advance human general knowledge.

    3. Search engines are a bit more complex than you know.

    4. Dont try to start your own search engine unless you have alot of money to make some server farms.

    5. AI is comparable to kids learning to drive. LOL

  2. 1. Learning to think like a computer programmer can mean a lot of different things. It means looking at the world in a very different way. Thinking "How would a computer solve this problem"

    2. There is a LOT more math involved than I had realized.

    3. Search engines are really a lot stupider than one might think. Yes the strides in development that have been made are spectacular, but really a search engine isn't very smart. It's a very basic mechanism of checking your terms against all the data out there.

    4. Computer Science still has a lot to give. There are still a lot of unsolved problems and puzzles to solve. There are still a lot of answers to find out there!

    5. I verified that Artificial Intelligence is still really interesting to me. I hope that someday I can make a difference in the field. This class helped me realize how cool it can be and made me want to study it more.

  3. 1. The importance of creating algorithms that not only work effectively but are efficient.

    2. Computer science and engineering is about more than just understanding computers.

    3. That there are a lot of resources to help not only computer science and engineering students, but students in general. Internships and tutoring just to name a few,and it's important to utilize these resources.

    4. Computation thinking is something that is important to learn how to do, and that I've been doing it all along.

    5. That there are a lot of interesting concepts in the world of computer science and that I look forward to exploring and researching on my own.

  4. 1. One thing I learned that I didn't know before was the I definitely be using it in the future.

    2. I have a better understanding how search engines work now.

    3. Another thing is that I had no idea that computer science dealt with the whole P=NP (CS Theorem). I never heard of it till now, but at least now I won't be completely blindsided in future classes about it.

    4. ASU has a lot of resources available, such as tutoring and career fairs.

    5. Math deals a lot with computer science. In a way, they go hand-in-hand.

  5. 1: The biggest thing I took away from this course is a finer understanding of the essence of computer science and that it isn't just working with computer its of developing a critical skill and applying it t our everyday life.

    2 :Learned the diferences in how search engines work by finding a balance of precision and repetition.

    3: I have also found an interest in A.I.

    4: I also learned about ASU's readily available resources for students like tutoring.

    5: While I may not understand some of the finer points about algorithm efficiency I did take away some of the basics that I can one day expand upon.

  6. Not just this clas but this semester is different for me.

    1. Always had the math but applying it more now into computer engineering.

    2. Algorithms.

    3. Fun stuff like AI in this class. The breakthrough leap is not here yet. I understnd time and teaching an learning. Still until a computer has adaptable software like a newborn I do not think we are there yet.
    Either that or we need a different type of machine intellegence. Broaden our definition and not try to make a computer like a human child. make it a unique intellegence.

    4. Wish we had some security.

    5. Computer science is a way of thinking that goes beyond the hardware and software and can be applied to many life situations.

  7. 1. P = NP & that every problem in NP can be reduced to an NP-Complete problem in polynomial time.
    2. Computational thinking is something that everyone does without even knowing.
    3. I also learn about how search engines works and how you can use anchor text to point at websites to make them appear in google when you search a certain qwerty .
    4. Also we learn what are sat problems and where they start to get complicated or "hard".(around 4.3)
    5. The most important thing about AI is that it should act rationally(most of the times but it depends).

  8. 1. Computational thinking happens every day and is there even when you do not even notice it.

    2. AI is a very difficult subject to become good at.

    3. How search engines work.

    4.Different types of algorithms and how they work.

    5. All of the extra help that ASU offers such as tutors and advisors.

  9. 1. more advanced computer science uses a lot of math.
    2. how search engines work.
    3. artificial intelligence is very complex, but we are coming very far with it.
    4. p=np and efficiency is very important to programming.
    5. there are many resources at asu to help with classes.

  10. 1. I learned of P vs NP.
    2. The Turing Test
    3. Complexity in algorithms
    4. How search engines find the best results.
    5. How A.I. takes in information and uses it to change the environment.

  11. 1. The importance of the complexity in algorithms and how to tell if they can be made simpler or not.
    2. Search engines and the way they operate. That definitely changed the way I search things.
    3. Personally, the truth table exercises helped me understand how they worked. They also helped me in understanding them when my computer science classes introduced them.
    4. There is still so much left to do in the field of computers. Personally, I think there always will be. I simply became aware of how much more stuff we have yet to accomplish in this field.
    5. The whole thinking like a programmer applies to just about anything.

  12. 1. Computational thinking is something that is needed and highly thought of in CS and other Engineering areas (It is a good thing that this comes naturally to me.).

    2. I feel a bit more connected to search engines such as Google and Bing. In addition, when I create my multi billion dollar site and market it utilizing how search engines are built, Rao will be the one to thank.

    3. I feel bad for robots, seeing as humans do not want to teach them because they are ugly, but if a robot were to be taught to fight, I would definitely run away.

    4. After Rao’s math questions what seemed like cake to him, has made me a little afraid and I feel that my math skills are quite insignificant.

    5. Spots available in the field are overwhelming, and a job should not be hard to find if I stay in the program.

  13. 1. There are so many different options that can be pursued with a CS degree.

    2. There are so many problems that seem impossible, however once you take the time to look at it from a different angle not as complex as originally believed.

    3. There is a lot more in creating a search engine and keeping it running and up to date.

    4. The concept of artificial intelligence.

    5. How many of us have be taught to think and process problems in a certain way in order to achieve a desirable outcome.

  14. 1. There are a lot of different resources here at ASU that will help us through our educational caree.
    2. How much math is really involved in computer engineering
    3. computational thinking and the misconceptions
    4. I learned more about how search engines worked
    5. Sorting

  15. 1. I learned what computer science is actually about.
    2. I now understand how search engines operate and will benefit from it in the future.
    3. Complexity of algorithms, which also helped in other classes.
    4. Computational thinking is very important and useful in many areas of life
    5. AI should be rational

  16. 1.Learned what are P and NP problems are, types, differences
    2.Learned about search engines and how they work
    3.The difference between Computer Science approach and Computer Programming
    4.Definition of Artificial Intelligence, properties of environments, and parts of agents
    5.Computational thinking and how it affects other fields of study


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