Thursday, September 30, 2010

Careers in computing (or "Job advice")

Some of you asked for some information on careers in computer science.

The most comprehensive resource on careers in computer science is the one maintained by ACM:

If you want something short before you dig into that site, here are two short videos you might want to take a look. The first one is more about the traditional careers in CS, and the second talks about more "Out there"  careers in CS. The first is made by Columbia U and the second by Univ of Washington, so you have to suffer through some Columbia/UW advertisement. However, the directions they mention are all available to any CS students. [In fact, if you find any specific career direction more interesting to you, and want to know what is happening in that direction at ASU, I will be happy to point you in the right direction.]

CS Career Opportunities (if you can overlook the advertisement of Columbia :->)

Pathways in Computer Science (talks about careers that you may not have thought of ):

Feel free to add your questions/comments on these to the blog; I will respond to anything that needs a response from me..


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